Home Insulation Rebates

Utility companies want to do their part for the environment by incentivizing your home’s energy efficiency.

Rebates on Home Insulation

Upgrading or adding to the insulation in your home or new construction project may qualify you for rebates with local utility companies, or even for government grants.  Do your research before starting the process to see if you might be eligible to save money on your home renovation or new build.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A well-insulated home can reduce energy bills by $1000’s over a few years, this can increase your home’s value and also make it more desirable to future buyers.

Insulation Done to Code

Golden insulation Spray Foam applicators are fully-trained and up-to-date on the quickly evolving insulation requirements in British Columbia and we ensure that we strictly follow guidelines.

Expert Service & Advice

Our team will provide recommendations on insulation best-practices including effective R-values, continuous insulation, advanced building practices (ie: bone structure, HP+ wall system) and more.

Home Insulation Rebate Programs

With local rebate programs available from various service companies, you may be eligible to save some money when adding or installing new insulation in your home as an incentive to become more energy-efficient.  

Fortis BC™

Rebates available for certain insulation locations ranked by R-value.

Canada Greener Homes

Starting with a layer of spray foam in your attic will ensure that no heat escapes.

BC Hydro

Upgrade your insulation to save on your electricity bills, and also earn a rebate.

Better Homes BC

The BC government is incentivizing clean energy in your home with grants for energy efficiency.

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